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"I'ma Luigi, number one nigga!"



Luigi is the younger brother of Mario from Brooklyn, New York. He is currently on a quest with Mario to defeat the evil Princess Peach. Luigi usually wears a green shirt and cap over some dark blue overalls with some gloves on. He wears red and white striped socks and brown polished shoes.

Early Life[]

Luigi Segale was born in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York on June 16, 1983. His brother, Mario who was 3 years older than him quickly became his best friend. He was taught how to plumb from his dad, a plumber. His mother later sewn him and Mario hats. They both were high school drop-outs.

Adult Life[]

Mario and Luigi made a plumbing business called Super Mario Bros. One day the bros were hired to clear the Brooklyn sewers of many creatures. They defeated the creatures but fell down a warp pipe into a strange new world. The path was closed so they could never return home. When in the world, they figured out they couldn't get back and just decided to look around (remember, no college education). Mario and Luigi discovered that a princess was in danger. The bros decided to save the princess so she could help them find a way home. Finally finishing off all the goomba's and koopa troopa's. They also fought Bowser and won. They saved Princess Toadstool and stayed in the land as there was no way home. Mario was going to marry the princess but the princess was murdered by her sister, Peach for the crown. The bros trudged on through life as many sad events got them. Finally, Mario and Luigi fought and seperated for a while, after Super Mario Bros 3. Luigi went on his own adventures and rescued Princess Daisy, whom Luigi started a relationship with. The bros eventually made up and defeated Kamek and used his wand to bring Princess Toadstool back to life, and it worked.


Plumber- Before he and his brother entered the strange world, they were plumbers. they had a plumbing business called "Super Mario Bros."

Doctor- When Luigi is not relaxing or saving the day, he is a doctor. Unlike his brother, he does not use pills to cure sickness and insted finds other ways like natural remadies.

Hero- Luigi is usually saving the day from Princess Peach with his brother.