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The national flag.

The Mushroom Kingdom is a dominated kingdom Mario and Luigi are trying to save from the clutches of Princess Peach.


  1. King Mushroom
  2. King Mushroom ll
  3. King Mushroom III
  4. King Mushroom IX
  5. King Mushroom V
  6. King Grapevine
  7. King Apple
  8. King Pear
  9. Queen Peach


In the Mushroom Kingdom, transportation is mainly Karts, Bikes and also walking.


The main currency of the Mushroom Kingdom is Coins, and a small percentage is trade.


Much of the food in the kingdomis (you guessed it) made of mushrooms. Mostly Vegetables and Meats are in the normal dining of the kingdom.


When the Tree Kigdom split into 2 kingdoms, one of the split pieces was King Mushroom and half of his citizens. They traveled to a nice area and proclaimed it "The Mushroom Kingdom". There were years of peace from very nice kings. Technology was never a problem here, as this was the place most technology was created. The peace and technology was shrunk when Princess Peach killed her father (King Pear) and became a dictator. Mario and Luigi are currently working to save the kingdom.


Most of the technology in the kingdom is powered by stars.