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"Too bad. Waluigi Time!"

Too bad. Waluigi Time!



Waluigi is a tall thin man who has a rivalry against Luigi. Waluigi is great at tennis, and often uses guns. He has his own casino. Waluigi is also Wario's brother.

Early Life[]

When he was a child, he took toys and candy from the department store with his brother without paying. Every year, he and his overwieght fatbag brother of his would go to Mario and Luigi`s home and critisize them.

Teen Years[]

In his teen years, he and his sibling took a range of arsinal from guns all the way to pocket knives and threatend to kill people if they didn`t give it give money and other valuble items to them.

Adult Life[]

One day, he and his brother were suspicious of Mario and Luigi's deaths, so they went and checked out the drain, and fell down it to. When they were in the strange universe the swore vengance on their cousins.