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Big Pink Nose...

"I'ma Wario, I'ma gonna win!"

--Wario winning in a Kart race.


Wario is Mario's cousin and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He weighs 500 pounds and is about Mario's height.

Early Life[]

Wario Segale was born January 23, 1978. He and his brother Waluigi used to visit his cousins, Mario and Luigi every year, only causing grief to them when they did. Wario and his brother were bad kids and stole candy and toys as children. As teenagers they threatened to kill pepole if they didnt hand over their wallets. They went to juvenile hall several times.

Adult Years[]

When Wario heard his cousins were pronounced dead, he was suspicious. He and his brother checked out the shower Mario and Luigi fell down in and fell down the drain too. Then they decided that it was their cousins faults and vowed to ruin their lives.